Hi, I have an iPad1. It was running iOS 5 something. I can't check because I can't access it. I had noticed that Safari would not go into private browsing mode yasterday. I tried to respring the device to see if that would clear the problem. The screen started flashing a bit and I got the initial screen to asking me to configure the iPad as if it were new. I can walk through the setup steps. All the while there is a progress bar that rund across the middle of the screen like some other update is going on. I finally finish the setup wizard. I see my springboard for just a second. Then I just get directed back to the initial setup screen. iTunes does not see the device when I connect it, but iFunbox sees everything and I was able to recover most of all my user data (except Pages documents which have not been exported yet). Anyway all of the files still look to be there. I tried to jailbreak it again with Absinthe but the program says it is already jailbroken. It it were a Windoze device I'd say this was a virus, but it is iOS. Any suggestions? I need help badly. Don't want this to be just an expensive thumb drive with a flashing screen.