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Thread: Why not make iPad 3 a giant iPhone?

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    Default Why not make iPad 3 a giant iPhone?
    Would make sense to me. Headphones with in line mic for calls and away you go. I personally would love it. One less thing to carry around.

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    Because people don't want to always carry around the iPad, sure sometimes it would be fine, but if you're going to dinner or a club you wouldn't want to carry an iPad. So you could have an iPhone for times like that, people wouldn't want to have to pay for two phone lines when they could pay for one and just always carry the iPhone. Plus when someone tried to call you they wouldn't know which number to call you on and you would always have to have headphones on incase someone called or struggle to put them in before the iPad stopped ringing. Personally I think it would be cool to use sometimes, perhaps have your iPhone and iPad linked to the same number so when someone called both would ring and you could answer which ever was most convenient, but I would hate having an iPad as my only phone.

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    giant iPhone? how big?
    And now with the skype, isn't the iPad be an iPHone?
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    Seems a little large for an phone don't you think?

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    Then there would be one product, the iPhone that comes in 3 different sizes.
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