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Thread: ipad theming, icon masking issues.

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    Default ipad theming, icon masking issues.
    Hoping someone can help with masking for ipad 2

    EDIT *****

    icon issue update smile

    I've used the bundle method now and I'm having masking / overlay issues.

    When I create icons for third party applications I'm getting a big black background (they are supposed to be transparent).

    I have the 3 files under the mobile icon framework folder.

    Iconoverlay (created an empty png for this)
    iconmask (just a white square for the icon with a black bg for where the icon shouldn't show.)
    and iconshadow (all with the - 72 extension) (i used the border for the icon on this file)

    This is occurring whether placed in the dock or simply on the home page.

    (I have the doc shadows etc removed with images under springboard folder)

    any help is appreciated.

    Original post *****

    As you can see I'm trying to have the icons auto theme to have the white cornered borders, The icons in question also have a blank transparent background.

    (examples are in the dock, ignore its shitty bg image, it's still in testing mode

    First three icons on the dock. I have the following 3 files under bundles\

    App Icon Mask-72.png (this is a black square the size of the border.
    AppIcon Overlay-72.png (this is a transparent image so the default gloss doesn't apply)
    AppIconShadow-72.png (this is the white border alone.)

    Problem I'm having.

    I either get the black shadow in the back ground of the image if it is transparent, eg VLC Remote M (3rd icon in)


    I ended up giving the first two solid backgrounds and messed around with the above files,, ie changing them to other names and shuffling around etc. I did get to a point where the white border themed on one but no the rest...weird..

    anyways.. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    sorted, as in the fact it currently can't be done
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