hey guys, some of you may know me as a lurker round here in the main iphone forums. I posted the how to for ios 4. (http://modmyi.com/forums/skinning-th...eming-4-x.html)

Anyways, I went and bought myself an ipad 2 thinking the community would be just as big support wise... I was wrong

I'm starting to theme again and having a few minor issues with the iPad itself. (again may be my newbie naivety with the device)

So a few questions

1 - Does the ipad 2 support hd icons? if so what size (I'm sticking with 72 x 72 atm and would like to go more high res if possible.)
2 - Is there a way to include wallpapers in winterboard and have them show correctly, currently I'm having issues trying to get this to work and manually setting wallpapers on the device itself is the only true quality setting i can get. I was using a html where the image was loaded and scaled etc but it displays badly, ie not as crisp
3 - I'm sure there's more...but those are the main two for now