This is an odd one, but maybe someone can help me please?
I'm just home from my honeymoon and bought an iPad2 to keep all the wedding / honeymoon photos on for showing people etc.

The honeymoon photo folder was massive as we went from the UK to San Francisco, Hawaii and Vegas. Loads of photos on my wifes camera, and both our iPhones.
I decided to merge them all together and get rid of duplicates in a new folder. I had to rename some files so that the filename order matched up - as thats how I assumed the iPad ordered them.

I've since figured it orders them by time / date which is causing my problem! Both our phones automatically changed timezone - but the camera didn't. The iPad is playing the photos in the order they were taken... but because the camera was 11 hours out, they're in the wrong order! I've tried deleting the EXIF data from the photos (date / time etc), but the iPad still keeps them in the same wrong order.

Any ideas how I can fix this, so that they play in the order of the filenames?