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Thread: Need to replace iCal calendars on Mac w/calendars from iPad

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    Default Need to replace iCal calendars on Mac w/calendars from iPad
    I screwed up and cancelled my MobileMe account thinking I could get a refund and continue to use the service free for the next year (until the service terminates in July 2012) like everybody else. I mean Apple billed me on June 5th for the coming year and, on June 6th, announced that MobileMe would be free for the next year. Some Mac centric website wrote that if you cancelled your account and asked for a refund, that you'd get your $$ back and still get to use the service till 2012.
    Not so. I got my refund but no longer have access to MobileMe. I spent time with an Apple Support guy who tried to reactivate my service, but discovered that Apple is not allowing any manipulation of MobieMe accounts.
    I found the service to be useful and miss it. I now I get a pop-up, at least once-a-day, stating that my computer or device cannot connect to MobileMe. Today it was iCal on my PowerBook.
    I went into the iCal prefs and deleted the MobileMe account. Poof! No more calendars.
    I have one calendar, but the other four are gone. I still have them om my iPhone and iPad but now notice, for the first time, that there's tiny print next to the Calendar name that has my MobileMe id written there. iTunes will delete the calendars from my devices so I've disabled calendar sync with iTunes so the calendars won't be deleted.
    Is there any way to transfer the calendar data from the iDevices to the PowerBook?
    Any info appreciated.

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    I don't have a Mac (yet), so I can't be 100% sure not this. Anyway, I sync my calendars with my google account, and have no problem using push between my wife's iPhone and my iPad. I imagine that there is a way to get the sync to work with your computer. Now the problem here is that I don't know if setting up a new sync will delete your old existing calendars.. Perhaps give it a shot?
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    The only solution you have is using softwares like this iPad Calendar Transfer
    There is no easy way to sync mobile me calender with gmail calender as both are different accounts. If you are jail broken you may some options other wise your calenders are a history.

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