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Thread: Jailbroken iPad 1 3G - 3G NOT WORKING.

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    Default Jailbroken iPad 1 3G - 3G NOT WORKING.
    I have the following head scratcher...

    I live in Dominican Republic.
    a) 1st Gen. Jailbroken iPad 3G. iOS 4.3.3 BaseBand 7.11.01.
    b) iPad 2 3G iOS 4.3.3 BaseBand 4.10.00 (Not Jailbroken).
    Both have sim cards with activated data plans; both (ipads) were purchased in the US.

    Problem goes as follows...
    The 1st gen. jailbroken ipad is giving me problems with the 3g. The SIM i purchased for it doesnt work with it. I also tried the SIM from the ipad 2 and it doesnt work with it either. Funny enough, i tried with my friends SIM (which is from a different network) and the data works. :/ I know you're probably thinking that well maybe it's your networks SIMs. Well it's not (I don't think at least) because the SIM that I have for the iPad 2 works in the iPad 2 (doesn't work in the 1st gen. iPad though.) So I'm stumped as to what the problem could be. Because I know that the iPad 2 sim works for sure (because it works with the iPad 2) and I know there is some type of configuration issue with the 1st(sim) (because it doesn't work in either the original iPad nor the iPad 2). I also discarded it being a system configuration issue because the 1st gen. worked with my friends sim. I'm just completely lost as to what it can possibly be.
    Any ideas, comments will be greatly appreciated.

    **Note** The iPad DOES recognize both of MY sims... and shows the carrier and even shows the little 3G, but for some reason the data doesn't work on it...
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    I would get a replacement SIM for the 1st iPad, and I would imagine that perhaps the APN may be incorrect for the 1st iPad. Problem is, at least with my iPad, I can't seem to find where to change those settings. I am pretty sure it is the AT&T carrier bundle that does not allow APN editing.
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    The APN settings come programmed with the SIM if i'm not mistaking. And if it were the iPad the SIM from another carrier wouldn't have worked in it.

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    Actually, the APN settings are in your iPad. Obviously the 1st SIM needs to be replaced, and also the APN settings for your iPad 1G need to be checked. Your friends SIM worked in the iPad because the APN settings were for his provider. I don't know what provider you have, but for some providers, the carrier bundle in the iPad will have APN editing turned off. The APN settings would be under Settings > General > Network, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong about the location for the settings, as AT&T has APN editing off. I believe there is a package in Cydia that turns APN editing on. Hope that helps some.. Best of luck to ya, I hope you get this sorted.
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