So we all know, iPad2's latest online deal is free standard shipping with an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks. I placed my order a few day ago, however when placing my order, I saw NO option for "Business Shipping" at any time. I checked, double checked.. and later gave into "Standard Shipping". Perhaps it was due to the fact that I ordered several accessories.

Originally my shipping date was May 27th, Delivery June 3rd. No biggie. 2 days ago, the Delivery date was June 8th! I immediately called to see why the sudden change. The phone-rep honestly told me that even she had no explanation as to why the date change. The next bits of conversation went as follows:

Me: "Is there any way I can pay to have my shipping switched to 'Business Shipping'? When I placed the order I didn't see the option for it.

Rep: "You didn't see it?"

Me: "Nope, and trust me I double checked, but when I clicked edit shipping, the only option came up to change my address and not select Business or Standard. I got Standard by default."

Rep: "Oh well that's not good. Let me see if I can bump that up to Business Shipping for you"

Me: "Great! I'd be more than willing to pay for it as well."

So, the rep puts me on hold for about 30 seconds and comes back:

Rep: "Ok, I was able to bump you up to Business Shipping for no charge. I'm sorry you weren't given the option for it at the time of purchase."

Me: "No charge? Wow, that's great thanks!"

Now, the best part. I called up to confirm an accessory order today, and the new rep says "Your iPad is prepped for shipping and will be sent out tomorrow most likely." My online order date still says ships the 27th, so I asked if he was sure, and he confirmed, it's ready to ship. Stoked!

So, just 1 day after a change was made, my iPad is now being sent to me in 2-3 business days instead of 1-2 weeks; All from a simple request to pay for Business shipping.

If you're ordering one, or waiting on an order to process, this may be something you should take the 10 minutes to call into. Props to Apple's impeccable customer service.