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Thread: install 3G coms in ipad-wifi model?

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    Default install 3G coms in ipad-wifi model?
    Stupid question with possible obvious answer.
    Is it possible, what with the space in the wifi model for the 3g coms, to actually install and have working?
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    I have no idea what your talking about, But Ill try.

    Apple has a few variants of Ipad,

    16gb wifi model
    16gb 3g model

    Other various sizes, but thats your basic configuration.

    3g is not a software, its a connection medium for Internet, and Data using existing cell phone infrastructure. If your ipad doesnt have 3g, you cant add it. You can buy a third party peripheral to allow internet by way of a device.

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    Hmm.. Sure it's possible... But you would have to purchase a 3G logic board and antennae, and maybe more. Then you would have to swap the parts and restore to a 3G f/w. However, the logic boards have the memory attached to them, and are typically very expensive. It would be kinda cool to see it happen, but you might as well just sell your Wifi model and find a used 3G, if you want 3G. One cannot simply install 3G firmware on a non 3G model.

    Edit: As I re-read your post, you seemed to be talking about purchasing the hardware- my bad. I don't know for sure whether or not the logic boards are the same, but I would imagine no. I wonder if the SIM slot is also attached to the logic board... Sorry for the hope dashing..
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