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Thread: best way to back up iPad / jb apps and appstore stuff

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    Default best way to back up iPad / jb apps and appstore stuff
    so i have done a lot of work setting up my ipad with apps from appstore, cydia, etc.

    can i back-up ALL of my folders for my cydia apps, games, appstore stuff and copy the folders to my computer and then when i update to 4.2 transfer those folders back to their resptive areas...and make sure the folder properties are set-up correctly (right clicking and making permission at 777) will this work?

    i also used aptbackup but i believe that only makes a list of what is installed

    thanks for any info

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    There are problems associated with doing this. It is possible, but if you don't back up pretty much everything, then it will be for nothing. First of all, why not let iTunes backup your App Store app data? It does a pretty good job, doesn't it? Now, for cydia stuff, you don't want to backup the apps themselves, because some apps or tweaks reside in more locations than just /Applications. AptBackup is good because it does list your installed apps|tweaks|themes. It may seem tedious reinstalling these things one-by-one, but it is what I found works best. Of course, it was nice having Rock's ability to store backups of installed apps to a server and then restore from backup, but it was kinda 50/50 on what apps would work properly on a new firmware.

    My recommendation: Use AptBackup, follow the destructions closely! Also, use iTunes and be sure to have a backup made right before you restore or upgrade. I seriously don't recommend just copying over backups of App Store apps yourself.
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    I would say do exactly word for word what the above person said youse iTunes to back up apps and use aptbackup to see what you had installed before not that much work if you think about it

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    i definitely will do what the guy above said...

    how does aptbackup really work...will it just install a text file of the apps or does it really install the apps?

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    Itunes for legit stuff and Package Backup for the rest I use it all the time no issues and restores is seconds, you can find it in Cydia for $3 I think it was
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