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Thread: Lost all but default and cydia apps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    ^^ yup, that will work, a post that is over 2 years old when firmware 2.0 was around, maybe 1.1.4.
    Seriously? Do you know anything at all about data recovery? Or bsd based file systems in general? There's no reason that if one could mount the iphone in linux they couldn't could run el-cheapo recovery software on it to get the files back that were flagged for deletion. It's not like the sectors were overwritten.

    StealthBravo I do appreciate your efforts, of course restoring and process of elimination will help weed out the offending app. I started this thread more with the intentions of trying to gather information about which app, why, and how to get the deleted data back.
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    Sure it might be possible to recover the data but it could be a painful process and unless there was something that I must have like a photo from a camera roll (obviously not on iPad), I'm not sure it would be worth it. Did you delete?

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    I'm working on a business plan draft which is due in the afternoon on Weds and I was using the DCIM folder as storage for some files I was intermittently working on and the /var/mobile/applications/atomic folder had about 20+ favorites to research gateway articles I'd been collecting in my spare time. Those are the most important because I had to filter through hundreds of articles to find exactly what I needed.

    Obviously, I shouldn't trust the integrity of a jailbroken device in the future, but that's besides the point. If I can boot into knoppix or osx, direct image the device, and run an undelete on it, then I should be able to get this stuff back in probaly 1/4th the time it would take to find it again.

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    I never used kirikae on my iPad (proswitcher from rpetrichs beta repo instead) BUT this happened to a friend of mine when I had him use aptbackup on his ip4 after the 4.1 upgrade! All his apps were there and then after aptbackup restore, all his apps (except the newly restored JB apps) vanished!!! Definitely a software issue somewhere but no idea how to overcome it...

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    Default Lost
    DO NOT do nothing rash, i had the same problem. you do not need to use OpenSSH or WinSCP. JUST REBOOT, It will all come back!!!!!!! Its worked for me, trust me i was sweating in my boots, thought i had to do a reinstall. NOPE! After reboot everything is back in CYDIA!!

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