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Thread: App for news, rss, photos, twitter, weather etc..

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    Default App for news, rss, photos, twitter, weather etc..
    I decided to take my ipad out of the apple case and start and use the apple dock that I purchased.

    What I wanted was an app that was a pool of information that I could leave running when the ipad was docked.

    Do you know of any apps that provide the following:-

    - Clock
    - Weather
    - RSS News feeds (scrolling would be nice with google reader interaction)
    - Twitter feeds
    - Facebook feeds
    - Alarm clock
    - Photos (display my photo library in background)

    I want to be able to glance at my iPad through out the day and get all the information I want in one view..

    I have really struggled to find anything ideal. I guess Apple aren't allowing these types of apps?

    The ones I have come across so far are available in the app store:-

    First Look

    Neither of these offer all the functionality I was after :-(

    Is there anything that can offer this in the jailbreak community? My iPad is jailbroken so anything that is available I should be able to install.

    I can't believe that I am alone on this request for a type of app so I am looking forward to your responses..


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    Come on guys, surely there must be something worth mentioning???

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    I don't know of anything with all of that bundled together, but when 4.2 is released some time in November it'll have multitasking and you will be able to use a couple of apps for that and just switch between them.

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    I'm looking for something very ismilar. There are a lot of aggregators that create a "book" to browse like Pulse or Flipboard.

    Sounds like you're looking for a ticket tape crawler or something that refreshes through like a telprompter or something. Looking forward to what you dig up. I'll update here if I find anything.
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