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Thread: Buying an ipad, help

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    Default Buying an ipad, help
    Hey guys I'm getting an ipad for my wife for her bday, Aug 15th, so I have to order it soon. I think I have my mind made up on the size, 64gig, but I'm not sold on the 3G.

    We have 2 iphones and 2 $30 unlimited data plans already. The ipad will mostly be used on the couch, where I have wifi anyway. The only time I could see using 3G is when we travel domestically, which is seldom, and then I could use MyWi because I am going to jailbreak the iphone as soon as it's available.

    Does anyone see any reason I should drop the extra $130?

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    I run mine through MyWi in a 3GS. The ONLY time it's a hassle is if the 3g signal is bad..but then that would effect a 3G iPad anyways.
    The hassle is all in turning the MyWi on and off. Also kep in mind later when you have to reup the contract and then are stuck on a data plan (I'm going to be in the same boat).

    I want a 3G iPad now JUST for the convenience. But sounds like you would do fine going off the phone.

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    I have the feeling that when I'm out of wireless range I would use the iphone anyway. I just cant convince myself it's worth the extra cash.

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    It's not. I went through the same situation. I bought a 16GB for my wife and myself, a month later I went to the 64GB and gave my 16gb to my sister. I thought about getting the 3G just to have it, but I couldn't justify the money when I have an iphone that has MyWi on it. Or I guess when JB comes out I will have MyWi once again.

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    Yes I ordered the 64gig wifi on Saturday.

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    romeoz - why did you need all the extra space? I just picked up a 16GB myself

    As for 3G. I have a 3gs jb with mywi on it like others and have no issues. Espically if you only seldom travel. Chances are you'll have signal to use the phone method. Thats what i plan to do anyways.

    FYI just bought mine 7/29/10 and they are coming with 3.2.1 .. so no jb for us at the moment.

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    Bought a 16GB Wifi first time around... went out in the world and no wifi available. Also 16GB was not enough space for me... a few movies filled it right up!

    So bought the 64 Wifi 3G and much happier now... love that I can get to the internet every where I go... and don't mind spending the 30.00 extra either... even though I have my phone with me all of the time I enjoy the internet much better on my iPad....

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