Hi there,

I just encountered that on my OS3.2 iPad the clock does not work properly - after wakeup (from sleep mode) the time may be still stuck at the same time when left before (this morning, 11pm instead of 7am).

I tried to switch to automatic time update, rebooted, no change. The only thing which made my iPad have correct time again was sync with PC/Mac via cable.

I seen similar reports from other portals and also Apple forums.

My question: is there an NTP client available somewhere which could help me sync my iPad against an NTP server?

I am not sure I found "ntpdate" or similar as a command line tool for an iPad yet.

The NTPDate app in Cydia is crashing I read... :-(


PS: Oh, and you might wanna make sure your alarm clock app is not only running on an iPad but a traditional watch as well... just in case... ;-)