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Thread: multitasking with a 256 Ram??!!

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    Exclamation multitasking with a 256 Ram??!!
    Hello All,

    I am really excited for the iOS 4 because it's going to bring multitasking for the iPad, but my question is will a 256 Ram be enough for an iPad??

    And by enough I mean will the iPad still run smoothly after opening more than 3 Apps??

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    I would imagine it will be. I'm running backgrounder now and don't really have many problems. I usually have somewhere between 3-6 apps running. Granted you won't be able to open everything but yea I would imagine 3 apps won't be an issue.

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    Depends on the apps too. Im worried myself as when I open certain apps like "Pulse" or "Zinio" If I have "pandora" playing they both quit.

    So well see, maybe they have added some optimization to things. Im also wondering how it will work as my understanding of the iOS 4 multitasking just pauses the process that is being backgrounded. Well doesnt that mean that that Pandora would "pause" when you go to another app???


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    Do keep in mind the iPhone 3GS does fine with multitasking and it also has 256 MB of RAM. I suspect the iPad will be fine as well, though I do wish Apple had sprung for 512 MB.

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    what multitask are we talking about? cydia ones that are on-the-ground-ready-to-eat? or apples still-on-the-tree-multitasking that fails terribly?
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    How does apples multitasking suck? It's actually a great idea, as it allows devs to keep important aspects of apps active, which in turn allows for more apps to be backgrounded, as it uses less ram. Backgrounder rocks, but it keeps the entire app running as if it were in the foreground. 256MB will do just fine. Would it be nice to have 512 or even a Gig? Well yeah, but oh well.

    Is there actual proof that apples way fails?
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    It's been fine for me, running ProSwitcher/Backgrounder and the VM mod.

    Note: VM mod is reported by some to cause memory issues on iPhones. It's been working like a champ for me though, YMMV.
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    Default I'm worrying about this too
    I started thinking about this since I heard of ios4. My i phone 4 has about 160-177 ram with nothing running, so that's not even half of 512. What I'm I to expect from the 256 ram of the i pad, I'm not happy about this @ all. I think out of the 2 devices the i pad should have got the 512 over the i phone or as well as the i phone.

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