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Thread: Activating an AT&T iPad plan without a US Address

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    Default Activating an AT&T iPad plan without a US Address
    I am trying to get the iPad 3G plan (with an AT&T sim that came with the iPad) activated so I can use it when I am visiting the US.

    Alas, this has proved not possible yet (and of course I lost the unlimited plan cutoff while struggling to find an intelligent being).

    It is not possible to activate on device because the activation app (which is basically a web form) only accepts US addresses.

    The people at the AT&T stores and the phone reps have no idea how to activate an iPad account.
    This is how I get a gophone account, walk in, buy a SIM, hand over my credit card, they put the store address in my account, and voila, walk out with service. For some reason they claim they have no way of doing it for the iPad accounts, and I should call Apple.

    I called Apple just for giggles, for them to go, wha..? But filed a bug report anyways, as the app should know to deal with travellers.

    So, right now, I am at this impasse that no-one knows how to do this.

    Anyone know what's the magic words to use, or a number at AT&T that deals with the iPad accounts? I am finding it hard to believe that it is not a simple account type code or something they have to enter at the store to get it going.


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    Activating an iPad from outside the US is not a big deal. Most support desk have no idea or desire to help in this area.

    This from Apples tech support website:
    - Open a iTunes account with no Credit Card.
    Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

    ALSO in case you do not live in the US.
    Google is your friend when it comes to finding out "how to open a US iTunes Account without a US address"

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks, but the issue is not activating the iPad, but activating the SIM card.
    That activation doesn't take place through iTunes, but goes through an AT&T server (the same one that was hacked to get a list of email addresses). It requires a credit card with a US address.

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