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Thread: iPad Screen Protector

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    Default iPad Screen Protector
    Hey Guys!

    I bought my iPad on launch day in the UK & would like to get a very decent screen protector for it.
    I bought a screen protector on Ebay but i had to throw it away it left bubbles of air on the scree.Makes my iPad look tacky.
    I know this may sound silly to you guys but I really do not want to damage the screen.
    I would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.


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    It is near impossible to fit a screen protector on the ipad without getting dust and air bubbles underneath it.

    To get airbubbles out, spray some soapy water on the top, a tiny bit, and use a bank card to smooth the air bubbles to the edges.

    Dust on the other hand is impossible to get out without getting a new screen protector. I am on my 2nd screen protector and it has a couple bits of dust under it. You dont really notice it when in use and ive got piece of mind that the glass wont get scratched.
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    Yup Ipad or Iphone you need a credit card and the key is to go nice and slow and take all the bubbles out as you push along with the credir card it is all patience nothing more does not matter if its a 10$ or 40$ protector just take your time

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    I highly recommend ShieldView by SpeckProducts. No "bubble trouble" and easy to apply. It is a static-cling protector that leaves no residue. So you don't freak out when you positioned it incorrectly and would need to remove and reposition or re-apply. How I'd wished that they have a privacy version of this but sad to say they don't. I hate people looking at what I'm typing or composing on my iPad.
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    I secretly spied on the shop who helped me put the none glare screen protector on to my iPad and seriously it's a delicate process.

    1. Clean your iPad throughly with a alchol fast evaporating substence and a special cloth that have no fibre type.
    2. Prepare a scotch tape dispenser to get ready
    3. Stick 4 tapes at each corner of the screen protector that is on the outside so that you can "lift" the screen protector without using your finger when required.
    4. Roll some scotch tape into a circle with the sticky side out
    5. Lay the screen protector on to the iPad gently with precision
    6. Bubbles will form ultimately but adjust the screen protector carefully
    7. Lift the corners of the screen protector using the tape then use the inverted tape to clear the iPad of dust particles that caused the bubbles
    8. Re-apply the screen protector where you lift up partially and now see if the dust still causing the bubbles..if no repeat
    9. Becareful not to leave any fingerprints
    10. Use a credit card to clear the corners of bubbles.
    11. Remove the tapes from the corners gently.
    12. Complete!
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    I made my wife place the protector, at worst case I could have blamed her and made her buy me a new one ! ROFL ! she did a fine job though no bubbles at all but still I am not happy with the $22 Screen Protector, already have a few scratch marks on them even though I treat my iPad real well

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    The first screen protector I bought,I got the wife to help me put it on but it was rubbish.
    My fault as I done it in a rush.

    Great guide though!Although I do think that they will come out with a hard clear non sticky protector like for the iPhone!

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