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    So here is my two cents… I was paying Att about 250 a month for unlimited everything for just me and my wife’s iPhones. Outrageous right? So I finally got fed up with paying those crazy prices, seeing as there were so many new services out there offering unlimited everything for far less than Att. I still had a couple of month left on each device so I knew I would be hit hard for the early termination fee’s, no matter I would make that up with the money saved in the first 6 months. I went with Simple Mobile for both of us, a new company that uses T-mobile’s towers. Their service work’s great with the iPhone’s as they use GSM sim cards. My wife does not use that much data so I got her the 50 dollar plan that included 50mb of data and unlimited voice and text. I only got the voice and text for 40 because I had an idea in mind that would be great for the up coming mothers day. I bought a wifi iPad for my wife and a wifi model for myself. So here is the deal, I went with the MyFi from Verizon after much consideration between them and Sprint. I am a heavy internet user but never for video streaming so I will never go over the 5gb cap. At home we are on the home wifi so the MiFi only gets used when I leave the house. I just got back from disney and and my wife and I loved the MyFi. There was no wifi at the resort and it performed without a hitch. I solved the battery issue by just getting a backup battery or having it plugged to an outlet when stationary. I think that if you are not a big video streamer, that you should be okay with the 5gb cap. If you want to save money and not use Att with your iphone service, Simple Mobile is a great alternative. If you have a couple iPads and they go with you but don’t want to pay multiple data plans then the MyFi will do the job beautifully. I know that some of you out there are saying, why didn’t I just go with the MyWi App? Frankly, I was just tired of giving Att so much money.

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    funny story I am also using the Myfi from version and its fast and going great. But for me it a must. my house is in an area where they don't offer any kind of LAN line base internet, no DSL no cable and i was not going to go with 56k. In the beginning i thought 5gb, "i cant go over" but boy was i wrong. My brother went crazy and was youtubeing movies on my ipad one weekend and didn't tell me. My data usage was at 9GB the first 2 weeks!!! I was shocked when i check my usage. I called Verizon to see how much was the overage going to cost me, guy told me that it was over 200vdollars!! I told him i like to pay for it and cancel since i was still in my 30 day period and 5gb is not enough. guy was really helpful and he told me that he can boost my plan to the 199 plan which was 10gb and it will cover my overage and i wouldn't have to pay the extra fees. plus i would still be able to cancel if i like. Well i agreed. then a second later he offer me an UNLIMITED data plan which they use to offer for 59.99. i took it after i asked if unlimited mean unlimited with no hidden caps. he said yes 59.99 a month and it will be unlimited. i went for it now have unlimited version internet at home and anywhere i want.
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    Wow! 59.99, how did you pull that one off? I wonder if I call and ask them or it if they would be willing to give me that deal. Would be nice if I did not have to worry about my usage and then I could really watch some videos while out and about.
    Thanks for the tip!

    Also, if anyone out there is looking into either MyFi from Sprint or Verizon, I would suggest you go to They have awesome deals on phones and you can get the MyFi for free if you sign up for a plan through them.

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    I'm in the uk and use the myfi with the 3 network for my iPad wifi and soon on my iPhone. They have just introduced a 15GB per month contract at £22 a month, which beats all the iPad plans by far and beats all the data bundles in the uk by far (especially seeing as the 'unlimited data' contracts in the uk are fair usage capped under 1gb on all networks except O2)

    The myfi has performed perfectly for me. The only thing i had to do was upgrade the firmware so I didn't have to manually press buttons to reconnect after 30 minutes of idle use. It now stays connected to the 3 network 24/7 in my work van and my iPad case when I'm out and about.

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