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Thread: Holy **** my ipad became yellow suddenly

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    Default Holy **** my ipad became yellow suddenly
    Im not under any kind of LSD or anything i swear
    i was reading a manga so a bright page with great white

    anyway....i push without any purpose the sound bouton or i think...anyway suddenly my screen went yellow-ish, and even more on the right side on the screen

    seriously, all of a sudden

    it has the same yellow taint i had with my 3GS before i change it

    maybe its just a setting or a weird button shortcuts i used (not on purpose) but wtf? can i fix?

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    Sounds like a hardware error, if the problem pesists go exchange it. First time ever hearing about this though.

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    Restore. If it's a settings issues it will be reset.

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    i just did , it says like that

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    Go to and apple store, they'll swap it. Even if they say they don't have any for sale, they have for swaps.

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    English, please

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