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Thread: How long did it take you to receive your iPad 3g or iPad wifi version?

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    When did you actually order yours?

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    The one that is on its way - 4/30/2010.

    More Exactly, I ordered it 4/30/2010 around ~11pm after every Bestbuy and Apple Store I went to was sold out.

    So it was Friday night

    5/1-5/2 is Weekend, 5/8-5/9th is also weekend. So it was shipped on the 6th business day.
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    Woohoo -- Mine shipped! Expected delivery 5/13. Ordered 5/2

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    My status changed last night around 815Pm CST to "Prepared for shipping" I'm hoping that since today is the 7th day, it'll ship today and I'll get my shipping/tracking information.

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    Mine has now shipped out. ordered 5/2 and has a delivery date of before 5/18

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    Well my estimated delivery date changed to the 17th so basically the absolute last possible day that the store originally said - or about 15 days after ordering.

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    My status also changed last night to shipped. At first it had a extimated delivery date of May 14 by 1030am. But then this morning I checked the status again and it now has a Fedex estimated delivery date of May 17 (Monday) by 1030 am.

    Up under the fedEx travel/status bar, mine states:

    initiated---->Picked up---->In transit---->Delivered

    Shipment exception

    Does anyone else have that shipping exception?
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    I ordered a 3g 16gb on 05/05. On 05/11 is said ready for shipping, and just received an email about an hour ago with a fedex tracking number saying it would ship tomorrow and arrive no later than the 19th. So if it comes on the 19th, it will be 14 total days to deliver. I should have reserved one in the local apple store, the guy there said that it was usually taking around 5 business days to arrive. Of course he said the same thing about the online store which obviously wasn't true

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    I ordered mines on 5/5 and it shipped last night, but the weird thing is that you guys said once is shipped your card gets charged, it's a day later and my card still hasn't been charged and my ipad is in transit and left the facilities. Any ideas?

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    Mine did the same thing. I had the original authorization that dropped off a few days after my preorder. Then Mine shipped out on May 11th but the charge didnt appear on my card till the 13th. Mine also had an delivery date of the 18th according to apple but Fed Ex tracking lists it as out for delivery today, It sat in China according to the Fed Ex site for 2 days and then all of a sudden it was in TN--- out for delivery.

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    Wow. And I was happy I was going to get mines free.Smh. So addertay you telling me if mines says deliver by may 20th on fedex site I might get it earlier?

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    ITs possible. Fed Ex had mine as delivery on the 17th ( monday) and Apple had the 18th but in the early hours of this morning Fed ex changed and it came into the US at Memphis TN-Blountville-Out for delivery ( i live in Virginia).

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    Wow that's great. Thanks for the info. I hope I can get mines by Monday, Thursday is too far from now lol

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    Mine's "Prepared for shipment" now! Yeah!

    Ordered on May 8th.

    Delivers between May 18-24

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    I received my iPad yesterday, the exact date that Apple said that I would receive it. I called Fedex Thursday morning and they asked me if i wanted them to hold my package for pickup and I said yes. So Thursday night near midnight my iPad arrived in Memphis. It left Memphis at 445am and arrived at my local distribution center at 556 and arrived at my local fedex office at 754 and in my hands at 906.

    This thing is great!

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    I hope I get mine early. It left china on the 14th. Fedex has a delivery date of 5/20. It arrived in Anchorage, AK, early on the 15th and is in transit to Jacksonville, FL

    Addertay, did you receive it on the 14th?

    Mine just arrived in Memphis. Still saying delivery to Jacksonville on the 20th.
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    I would like to know for the customers in the U.S. when they pre-ordered to get the WI-Fi or 3G versions, how long did it take from when you ordered, your credit card being charged, your status changed & did you receive your iPad earlier than the release date?.
    I'm in Australia & we were able to pre-order on the 10th May (which I did) & won't receive 'by the' 28th May.
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    I just checked my order and it's very weird. My order went from china, to Alaska and then to Newark,nj. And then it says in transit, Memphis, TN. I live in NYC. Why would they take my package from nj where it's 30 mins away from me and take it to Memphis? Any ideas?

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    I think that means it's in transit from Memphis to New Jersey. When mine was in Alaska, it said In Transit but didn't say to where.

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    It's weird tho because it said arrived at Newark and then it says in transit, Memphis. So it's like backwards. Confusing

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