10.5.6 is ready to out any time.For OSX86 user’s there are some change’s in 10.5.6 like in 10.5.6 there will be a new “AppleRTC.kext” which will panic if you haven't your RTC Device patched in your DSDT. Other than the “AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext” you can’t just delete it like previous update hack’s. So better to fix your DSDT now, than having Problems later.

So it is clear that before Updating to 10.5.6 you must need to patch the DSDT but how to patch?

fassl made a patcher for patching DSDT but in my case i used slightly different way with PCWIZ's Universal OSX86 Installer tool.

Check this post @ http://ihackintosh.blogspot.com/2008...dating-to.html