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Thread: change slider power button?

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    Default change slider power button?
    when you hold power on top of phone the red power slide button shows on screen. how do we change that?

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    and how do I change the text? I tried to grab the file via the new iFuntastic, but it won't load the framework directory. SO I can't tell which image is the right one.

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    i made my slider into Game Over

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    And that's so helpful since you didn't tell me HOW I could do such. Care to go into a slight bit more detail?

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    dowload the SpringBoard.strings file and then open it in WordPad,
    find where it says "Slide to Turn Off" and edit it to whatever you would like. Mine says "Lick to Turn Off". You can also change slide to unlock and many other text items on the phone. My slide to unlock is now Clap to Turn On, and my Snooze button (in the alarm) is Let Me Sleep In. Just replace whatever text you want to change and save it (keeping the file named SpringBoard.strings) and then put it in your phonedmg folder and

    upload it to /System/Library/CoreServices/

    heres the download link:


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    err...upload it to:
    upload it to /System/Library/CoreServices/
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    What program are you using to edit it? whenever I try to change any of the files and reupload it gives me a generic all caps name. I am unable to change it at all. And keep reverting to the original. I have tried editing in textedit and tried editing in omnioutliner and no matter what i do, i can't succeed.

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    Default Arrows
    I got the text change part, it was easy FYI . Does anybody know how to change the button arrow that is slided thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by codybecker View Post
    I got the text change part, it was easy FYI . Does anybody know how to change the button arrow that is slided thanks.
    Read up a bit. Someone has already said where the slider image is found...

    But you can use customize to do the same thing for you, much safer in my opinion...
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    just use customize 1.22 moded for 1.1.3/1.1.4

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    customize works pretty well, just put the files into the proper folder and you can select which file you want it to use from within the customize folder, instead of having to change it from its actual location.

    Its handy for on the go changes, dont always have to have a computer in front of you to change as long as you have the new thing you want to use already in the folder.
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    I changed the text in notepad but now my phone just says AWAY_Lock and crap like that. I even replaced the text to say slide to unlock but it does not work either!

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