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Thread: [FIX] Cannot open the SMS App from SpringBoard

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    Post [FIX] Cannot open the SMS App from SpringBoard
    Due to some characters contained in some Text message's the SMS app get's corrupt and fails to start from the SpringBoard. So here's the solution to get it fixed:

    p.s. you will loose all your existing SMS's in doing the following procedure, but nevertheless you will have your SMS app working again.

    # Connect your phone using iBrickr (Windows) or iNdependece (Mac) or any other File Browser you are comfortable using.
    # Browse through the file system and go here: var/root/Library/SMS/
    # You will see a file called sms.db delete this file and reboot your phone.

    Problem is solved! :-)

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    Thumbs up Re: An approach without deleting the SMS.db

    I had the similar problem, but i tried to work out a way where i dont miss the SMS which was there in my inbox.

    For this you need the sms.db and the sqlite program as well as little knowledge writing SQL queries. Export the sms.db to your PC.

    open sms.db using sqlite

    and then execute this command in sqlite after opening the sms.db

    SELECT * from messages;

    Once you execute the above command you will see all the message as well as the junk message which is obstructing the sms app to open. Note down the ROWID of that message.

    DELETE * from message where ROWID=<No you have noted down>;

    repeat the above step for all the junk messages. Then quit and exit.

    Copy the sms.db to the same location on your iphone. You will have all the messages excluding the junk and your sms app will open also .


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    I grabbed my sms.db from an 1.1.4 iPhone.
    I tried to delete a message by :

    sqlite> DELETE FROM message WHERE rowid = 10;
    SQL error: no such function: read
    It's due to a trigger :
    CREATE TRIGGER delete_message AFTER DELETE ON message WHEN NOT read(old.flags) BEGIN UPDATE msg_group SET unread_count = (SELECT unread_count FROM msg_group WHERE ROWID = old.group_id) - 1 WHERE ROWID = old.group_id; END;
    Anyone has an idea ?


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    Sorry to dig this old topic but i am hvaing a problem, i cant open my SMS application since yesterday, so searched alot and people saying have to delete the last SMS received

    But i cant delete it, I am getting the follwoing error message as the person above

    SQL error: no such function: read

    Please help what to do i have 2 years SMS messages and dont want to loose them, how to fix this please


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