I have an iphone 5 on iOS 7.1 and updated to Lockinfo 7.0.1. Now I cannot get the info on the lockscreen. I've tried everything in the settings and I see the info I want on the lockscreen when I scroll to the right two screens. When I'm in the ALL screen on lock past the TODAY screen. Hmmm. I've tried to "remove slider" in Lockinfo settings but it is not removing. Before updating all was well. The screens were just as I liked them. When I pushed either the lock or home button it would go to the correct Lockinfo screen. The only screen to the scroll right was the weather detail. No slider as I had activator set to double press the home button to unlock. It still does that but to get to the lock screen info I want I have to slide screens tot he right to the notifications ALL screen to see it as I had. Please show or tell me how to set up Lockinfo 7 again. Thanks.