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Thread: Problem with font in widget on lockscreen.

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    Default Problem with font in widget on lockscreen.
    Hi guys,

    Well, my widget once in a while changes from my font specified in the widget to default/backup ariel-ish fonttype. I saw this thread: [Question] How are fonts handled in Lockscreen HTML widgets? : iOSthemes and all is as it should be. I'm on iOS 7.0.6 iPhone 4s. Any help or insight appreciated, thanks.

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    post the widget, so we can see if everything is correct. ?

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    Hi Schnedi, thx for replying. Actually it is one of yours, which I have modded a bit for personal use, but you can get it here:

    EDIT: Sent PM.

    I have it running on springboard as well as on the lock screen, and the springboard one doesn't have the mentioned problem. What happens is, that the widget on the lock screen runs alright for a shorter or longer period of time and then crashes or something. When that happens the font changes from Steelfish to one I don't know but looks like Ariel or some such. And it only happens on the lockscreen and not on springboard. I have made two folders, one for lockscreen and one for springboard, so I have two separate copies running.

    I hope it's alright that I have modded your widget a little and naturally I won't release anything.

    I hope you have some insight.

    Best regards,


    EDIT: This is the font that it changes to.

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    i've been using it for some minutes and it works.

    do you use it with LockHTML? because it's an iWidget.

    will continue using it and see if it gives me an error.

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    Yes, I'm using it with the latest LockHTML. This time it changed the font within 15 minutes. However, if I set the widget to use a systemfont, then it keeps the font specified. But I really like the steelfish font:-).

    What do you mean by your Q? Is an iWidget capable of running on the Lock screen without LockHTML?

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    no, just wanted to be sure because maybe groovylock or convergance had added that feature.

    working perfectly for me after 1 hour or so.

    try to change it a bit!

    - rename the HTML to "LockBackground.html".
    - delete the file "Options.plist".
    - delete the file "Config.js" and rename the "Config test.js".
    - put the font in the main folder and edit the path in "Style.css".

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    I'll give it a go in an hour or so. I'll let you know how it goes:-).

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    I tried it, and it seemed to work, but I couldn't change the language from spanish to english. Tried editing bushes plist, and the default settings of the widget. I also tried to make it LockHTML compatible instead of winterboard compatible. That forced the widget to change font.

    Are you on iOS 8 and LockHTML 4? I an on iOS 7.0.6 and LockHTML 3. Maybe there is a bug or something, because I've just tried to disable whatever else I have going on in regard to the lockscreen and the original problem still occurs. It seems like it forgets the font cache or something when the phone goes to sleep.
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    Thank you Schnedi. I'll take it for a spin and let you know how it went in the morning about 8 hours from now:-). I'm off to bed.

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    The widget is in english now, but the font problem came back unfortunately. I don't know what is going on. As far as I can see everything is good in the scripts and html, so unless you have some tricks up your sleeve I'll just have to settle for a system font. I don'tknow why but they work.

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    that's really weird!!

    works for me. i'm in iOS 8.1.2

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    It's still nogo. Would it be possible to pinpoint the problem somehow. It seems to happen randomly, but most often when I have had an app open up and then go to the lock screen. Still sometimes it also happens when i just leave my device alone for a bit and then waking it up.

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