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Thread: System sounds file permissions

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    Default System sounds file permissions
    Hi guys and gals,
    Quick question, do the files in "System/Library/Audio/UiSounds" need to have specific permissions set in order for them to be played by the system, e.g alert_sound.wav has the permissions shown in attached pic

    I ask as I have changed the low_power.caf tone but it only plays during a phone call when low power on battery. I have looked at permissions for low power and they are different.

    Could someone confirm these findings or if not give me advice on how to get low power to play when low power banner shown.


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    What iOS do you have?
    I looked at my "System/Library/Audio/UiSounds" files in iOS 7.0.6 and they ALL are caf files only, NO wav file anywhere.
    However all files, at least every file I randomly checked is also owner "root" and group "wheel", just like in your screenshot. The only difference is the permission. None of the caf files I checked had executable attribute.
    Owner: Read/Write
    Group: Read
    World: Read

    You said that you replaced a stock caf file with your own caf file. Did you checked what format the original caf file was and did your caf file had the same format?
    For example a simple channel change, e.g. stereo instead of mono, can mean no playing.

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