hi i am from india, i am using i phone 5s version 7.1.2 jail break, my carrier is airtel. i was having problem that only LTE option was coming in the cellular data setting and not 3g and 2g, i guess its a carrier update issue i googled this and did this -->How To Force Enable 3G / 2G Toggle In iOS 7 On iPhone 5s, 5c, 5 | Redmond Pie
and it worked for me, i lost LTE and got 3g and 2 g toggle and the internet was also working on 3 and 2 g, after that i got a message carrier setting update avilable which i clicked accept and i lost my 3g again and got LTE back.

i lost my 3 files backup that i made before deleting them, now i found a folder in user/library/carrier bundle.bundle , carrier bundles , carrier default.bundle. these 3 folders have the overrides_N51_N53.pri and
overrides_N51_N53.plist files WHICH i copy to system/library/carrierbundles/iphone/bhartiairtel.in.bundle and followed the drill of restart etc even after deleting them again the LTE did not go. what can i do ? i dont want LTE i want 3g and 2g toggle like it worked for me before click on update carrier

in short how can i get my 3g back and remove LTE the above process is not working.
Thanks a ton in advance.