Hello to everyone,

at first: sorry for my bad english. I'm german

I've got a problem with my iPhone. I had to restore my iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.2. non jailbroken) with iTunes. But after the Firmware restore i couldn't restore my old backup 'cause it's corrupted. So, my only chance was to create a new phone and copy with the program "iBackupBot for iTunes" my "old" data from the corrupted backup onto my phone. This worked so far. Notes, Safari history, call history...all data i could recover. But my sms (or messages) are a problem. When i copy it from the program to my iPhone nothing appears on the iPhone display. The only way to get it back is to activate "remove items from device that will be not restored" in the program options while i copy the sms. But then everything WITHOUT my sms conversations are gone. for example everything that i copied manually to the iphone.

Why this function only works when i delete everything without the sms? is there a (other) way to get my sms back without losing my data?

sorry for this bad description...

And thanks for your help!