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Thread: Adapting My Themes For IOS 7?

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    Default Adapting My Themes For IOS 7?
    Well, I'm really enjoying IOS7. Thanks for all the great advice so far guys. Spare a bit more? Most of my themes are working pretty good. As expected, a few don't even after the MS release today.

    Is it still possible to do animated gif backgrounds? I have a few that have a url file and a gif. The url points to the gif obviously but it doesn't show up on a respring. Also, how about SMS themes? Just different names? Are the phone dialer and calculator also simply new names? Would be nice to get Bytafont and ColorKeyboard. Apparently Bytafont is coming soon.

    I also replaced a few sounds and they all work except the unlock sound. It's simply silent. Is there something funny going on with the unlock sound on IOS7?

    Fantastic work guys!

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    There Is No Unlock Sound In iOS 7!!

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    So I noticed. Actually there is unlock but no lock. How bout those animated backgrounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trancelikestate View Post
    So I noticed. Actually there is unlock but no lock. How bout those animated backgrounds?
    Dynamic backgrounds are the animated ones that move according to their programming, not just your input. I suspect they are simply quartz composer files like an OSX screensaver.

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    Ah. Those are a cool feature. I am unfamiliar with those filetypes. Can they be converted to gif? or vice versa. I'm trying to get some of my old animated backgrounds back. I'm also trying the logging feature in winterboard for the first time in an attempt to re-theme my calculator, phone dialer, and especially SMS background. Doesn't seem to be working though.

    Edit: Ok, so now the .car files have to be extracted? Is this type of themeing possible yet? I looked through a few more pages.
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    I posted this before in a different thread but here it is again just in case someone needs it here as well sorry I'm new to this site and not sure if this info is already out but I was also missing the sound for the unlock and I'm not sure where I came across-ed it but if your still looking for it to add and maybe change to a custom one you can find the tweak "UnlockSound7" in the BigBoss repo it just may be what your looking for, hope that helps. And if you already found the info great just putting the info out there for the next guy just in case.

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