I have an iPhone 4S 64GB - bought from new, factory unlocked. I jailbroke it with evasi0n and that was fine (in fact it made the phone so much nicer with various customisation).

I dropped it by mistake - it wasn't too catastrophic, no cracks or chips anywhere. Touchscreen and back of phone in perfection condition, no sign of damage.

However, the screen briefly displayed a messed up image, basically fluctuating vertical lines from top to bottom. When I tried a hard reset (power + home >10 seconds), the displayed had the vertical lines only where the Apple logo should normal be. I should note that these lines were always from the top to the bottom of the screen. After this, the screen went blank.

The backlight still works and the phone makes the sounds it should when you plug it into a charger, etc.

I managed to take some screenshots of the phone which (after download from file system) reveal the screen resolution to be 768x576 pixels on the unlock screen (rather than 640x960). This would explain why I can't unlock it at all, and probably why the screen is still black.

I stupidly never backed up via iTunes. I did however link it to computers. My HackBook Pro and Linux can both access the phone due to connecting previously. My new MacBook Pro and Windows can't, having not seen the phone before.

I have manually backed up the whole file system on Linux. I'm on iOS 6.1.2. When I try to restore, it asks if I want to back up, but I can't unlock the phone.

For some reason I can't take photos anymore.

I could try to restore to iOS 6.1.3, but then I would lose all my SMS and everything, forever.

I can't back up as I can't slide to unlock (I did remove the passcode via deleting the two files), and replaced the screen and touchscreen, but the bizarre resolution means I can't unlock, so, I can't do an iTunes back up, so I will lose apps including my very expensive TomTom Europe app.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd like to remove slide-to-unlock if possible, so I can backup via iTunes.

I do have raw, root filesystem access, but don't have SSH. This isn't an attempt to hack into a stolen phone, because
it is actually recognised on my computer, which is the only remaind way I can modify stuff (raw filesystem access).

Would be grateful for any advice (even if - does anyone know of any very advance iPhone repair shops who could fix what appears to be a major hardware fault like this?).

Thank you!

Screenshot (screen capture no longer functioning unfortunately); can't tell why as can't see display! Charging noise works, power button cycles backlight on and off, vibrate / sound on mode button works as expected.