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Thread: What the heck is this colored square in my status bar?

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    Default What the heck is this colored square in my status bar?
    I obviously have a few status bar customizations going on here (Zeppelin, StatusBarCustomClock4, MuteIcon, Bolt) and they all work great -- but can anyone tell me what tweak this yellow square comes from?

    (Sometimes I see it in red.)

    It only just started appearing recently, and I have no idea what tweak it comes from, or what it means. My best guess at this point is that it has something to do with the temperature of the device, because the only pattern I can detect is that it happens when I am out and about and using the device a lot and it feels warm... but that also could be a complete coincidence here.

    I just want to know what this icon comes from, what it means, and how to turn it off. I don't have any tweaks installed that deal with weather, device temperature, or anything else obvious. My Google-Fu has failed me on this one. Anyone?

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    Try to remove all the tweaks which deal with StatusBar. Then install the tweak one by one. You will know where is this come from.
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    You can go into SBSettings under More and disable your tweaks under MobileSubstrate Addons. Enable them one by one to find the culprit, then go into its settings and see if there's anything for you to adjust.

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    The problem is that the colored square only shows up intermittently. It's not on constantly. Makes it very difficult (and annoying) to troubleshoot in any efficient way.

    My gut tells me it's got something to do with device temperature (ie: when it gets hot.)

    And I think maybe has something to do with "libstatusbar" (a dependency that other tweaks install) and there are no user settings for it. I'll also bet that more folks will experience (and report) the same thing too.

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    It could be a conflict with the multiple status bad tweaks. Try uninstalling or disabling and checking wether it happens. May be tedious but it's worth it.

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    Do you happen to have "SMS NINJA" installed. Because that app uses a yellow square to notify you of a message or call that you have listed to block.

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    No, I do not.

    A few months back, I installed "CleanStatus" and toggled off "Thermal Color" -- and haven't seen the yellow square since.

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