Hey guys, I was browsing around iFile on my iPhone and then I stumbled upon something pretty cool to do with the voice activation features on the iPhone. I've found the feedback.strings files that have what the iPhone says when a voice command is given.

Here's a tutorial video:


1. Get a jailbroken iPhone and download iFile from Cydia

2. Open iFile and got this directory /system/library/voiceservices

3. You will find three folders for voice dialing, iPod, and base.

4. Go into the folder of your language.

5. Open the feedback.strings file with the text editor.

6. Edit any text within the quotation marks, save, and respring your device.

This is not harmful to the system, but it could hurt the voice when done wrong. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Backing up original files is recommended. Happy hacking!