I have two suggestions for tweaks that someone should really consider programming. If you agree to that these tweaks would be useful to you, please express that so that some skilled developer understands the need (need=money) and starts to work on it.

1. Swipe-right-gesture for space. It would save so much time and reduce typos a lot. Since the space-button would be unnecessary with this tweak (and it's a pretty big button) this space could be used to display more content as well.

2. Revert to recently typed word. Sometimes iPhone suggests a word wrongly e.g. when you write slang or some name. And due to the slight delay in the suggestion you notice it a bit to late (you have already clicked e.g. 'return'-button) and iPhone wrongly changes your word. It would then be so useful if you could just click that word and it would revert back to what you actually typed. As it is now, you have to erase it, retype it, wait for augosuggestion to come up and click the x-button on autocorrection. And please don't tell me to simply shut of autocorrection, I love it and 90% of the times it helps, but sometimes this happens, and a fix like this would save so much hassle.