Long story short: I have two iPads, and plenty of data (savegames mostly) on one. One iPad is 32GB, and the other - with the data - is a 16GB model. Now I planned on giving this 32GB model to my sister for her to use for art, reading, etc, but realized she won't need that much space. But I don't want to lose all my data, and I have plenty of unauthorized apps (both jailbroken and otherwise) that iTunes just won't handle properly.

So, the question is can I transfer apps through a program like WinSCP from one iPad to the next, via my desktop? I've already backed up my apps and data to a rather large 6.3GB folder, and then put them on the 32GB iPad...and as expected the space is taken but no apps appear on the device. I don't know enough about the iPad's filesystem to make them appear, so if someone knows, that'd be great.

If there is a simpler alternative that doesn't require going back and just finding and downloading all my apps to the new iPad, and finding the save files and just transferring those specifically, I'd love to hear it.