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Thread: MyWi not working? HELP! please!

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    Default MyWi not working? HELP! please!
    I am going to tell you as much as I know, I don't know a whole lot, just basics. I am on an iPhone 4, with 4.3.3 broken with redsn0w. I have MyWi connecting to my laptop through USB. I have iTunes downloaded. My computer says it's connected with Internet access, but it's either really freaking slow, or it loses connection completely. I have full bars on my phone. I've tried auto bridging, and just 3G. I've also tried every setting on wifi, and it won't connect to my laptop at all that way. I'm running Windows 7 and I've brought down all my firewalls just incase. Connection worked great through USB the first day I had it, since then, it's "iffy". I've restarted my phone multiple times also. Nothing I do seems to work. What am I missing here???? I have a job where I'm sitting for 12 hours and my eyes hurt looking at my iPhone screen for that long! Lol anyone? Thanks!

    **I got the wifi part to work, that was a fault on my computers end, but USB is still having issues, which is what I would prefer to use, because of battery drainage.
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    I don't have any very technical answers, but I use MyWi to tether using USB and it generally works, but here and there on first connect I will only hear 1 "chime" to denote successful connection and in those cases I turn it off, close App and remove from background, then try again and it usually works.

    Beyond that I also experience said "slow" but more to the point "loss" of connection, and in those instances I close my browser and go through the same motions with MyWi as stated above. Pain in the neck but at least it usually works and I've so far attributed it to the fact that I have two cell towers in my area fighting over connection to my phone and far enough away that neither provide a very good signal. Could cause a problem in that transfer? Don't know, but I'm on AT&T so I've gotten used to problems with signal in general.

    Probably not terribly helpful, but I figured some response is better than no...

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