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Thread: SMS Bubble Styler

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    Wink SMS Bubble Styler
    Bubble Styler v.0.2

    What does Bubble Styler do?
    Well, if you have an iPhone and wish to not only change the text message bubble's color but also design, then this is the right program for you!

    Minimum system spec:
    OS: Vista SP2 / Windows 7
    Framework: Framework 4
    CPU: 2.5 gHz AMD or Intel
    iPhone apps: OpenSSH

    DOWNLOAD:Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Or download attachment:
    Bubble Styler version 0.2 -
    Example template for design package: template

    How to install and use bubble styler:
    1. Extract to Desktop (Extract all even the .dll's!!!)
    2. When finish installing make sure that your iphone have OpenSSH installed.
    3. Find your iPhone's IP by going to General --> Wi-Fi --> Click on your wireless connection.
    4. Open Bubble Styler and type in:
    -Hostname: type your IP ex.
    -Port: 22 (your choice)
    -Username: root (nothing else!)
    -Password: alpine (need to be stock)
    5. Follow on screen to proceed.

    If you used this software please donate a small amount of money using paypal ;-)

    If you want to make a theme for iPhone this is the instructions.
    1. Open Photoshop or Gimp.
    2. Make a new image:
    -Width: 43px
    -Height: 32px
    -Background: Transparent
    3. When your design is finish save your work:
    -From bubble: Balloon_2~iphone.png (important to be PNG!)
    -To bubble: Balloon_1~iphone.png
    4. Open up Notepad, Notepad ++ or any other HTML editor. Make your license and credits etc.
    5. Save the license file as: license.html.
    6. Pack up your files:
    7. Save all the files to a ZIP archive and name the archive what ever your want.
    8. Send me a PM and i will upload the packages to this post
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