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Thread: statusbar font color help

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    Default statusbar font color help
    i made a black statusbar theme but when im in certain apps were the statusbar was a gray color, they text color it difficult to see i would like to change the text color to whiten anyone know how to do it?
    -img_0041.png-img_0042.png left is homescreen right is in app notice the statusbar text color

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    Hey, there are a few possible ways to go about this. I have a similar dilemma wanting a black status bar. I use the CleanStatus tweak to change the carrier name which makes it text that changes with the native StatusBarStyle (Silver/OpaqueBlack/Translucent) of each app along with date/time, battery pic and %, etc., and this tweak will allow color control for at least date/time to save having to mess with that.

    These icons and text are usually themed with images. Kind of involved to come up with these images assuming you even have the means (Photoshop, etc.) So I had begun down the road of altering the original info.plists for any apps I could by adding this key/string:


    This will force the "Native Black" status bar successfully for a lot of apps. I've only run into a few instances so far that it didn't work, so if it's in fewer apps that you have this problem than don't, you could conceivably try this method.

    This is most easily done in my opinion "on device" using iFile. Reply if this sounds like something you want to look into and if you need help with plist editing.

    Beyond that it would take maybe finding these elements in existing themes and "borrowing" them, if you will, or at least using them to figure out image names, sizes and locations to try to make your own. This will of course be iOS specific, so you not only have to find what you want, but it has to be up to date for 4.3.3. At the same time, if you find what you want (color-wise) the names could always be changed if need be.

    Reply if I can be of help along either of these lines...Happy to try!

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    i figured out most of wat i wanted to do the only thing i cant change is the color of the weather icon statusbar font -img_0043.png
    i googled it and read that a plist could override the font color but it didnt work

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