Hi all,

I am new to the iPhone modding scene. I have jailbreaked my VerizoniPhone 4 a few days ago and I am running 4.2.8.

I have since discovered and installed a Winterboard theme called Glass Orb which I believe many of you are are familiar with.

The theme seems to be working fine minus a few icons and the folders not being transparent or getting "orbed" effects but I understand this is normal.

The major problem is that my dock has not changed to match the glass orb dock look and image. I already know that you must download the Five Icon Dock mod and have done so already.

The problem is that my dock does image I assume does not change when the theme is applied. Am I missing something? Am I skipping a step?

Please keep in mind that I am new to modding when you answer. I have scoured the internet for days with this issue and have found many people that have the same problem I have but have found no solution.

Could anyone please help?

Again, I am using the glass orb theme. Everything seems to be working fine but the dock does not change on my phone to match the theme as shown on many websites.

For reference please click on the link below. That is the dock I am trying to apply to my phone. Thank you so much for anyone that can be of some help.