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Thread: Remove Background / AppQuit

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    Default Remove Background / AppQuit

    I have Remove Background installed so I can open SBSettings and close all backgrounded apps, and I've come across AppQuit on Cydia that quits the app you're in or quits all apps through an Activator gesture.

    Unfortunately, the AppQuit mod appears to close the app but still leaves it in the multitasking bar so it looks like it's open even though it isn't, and it reopens when pressed.

    I was wondering, is there a mod that is a combination of Remove Background and AppQuit?

    What I mean is, you use AppQuit to quit the app but it also removes it from the background and the multitasking bar?

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    154 views no replies?

    If it doesn't exist a simple "no" would be nice

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    I used RemoveBG for a bit also when I got tired of the native multitasking on my iPhone 4 but if I can remember, its in the settings somewhere which tells you if you want it to keep it in the task switcher. I'm not a 100% sure because I don't have that tweak currently installed but what I did was just use Backgrounder and set it to close EVERY APP on minimize and then set the apps I use most to keep open like Safari..etc...I also used Activator to do a simple swipe right to close any app and go to springboard. It saves a lot of RAM taking out the RemoveBG or AppQuit I believe and my iPhone 4 is constantly above 300-350 when running apps and its at 390 on a fresh reboot, 380 on a respring so it helps.

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    switchermod can remove recent apps and show only current apps in the multitasking bar, and like Shavon said, setting Backgrounder to close all on exit removes the need to use appquit

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    Multicleaner is what youre lookin for. quits apps & removes them from multitasking bar

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    390 on a reboot, 380 on a respring? I must know how!

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