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Thread: plist UIStatusBarStyle

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    ok just finished all the dang bg's and the shift halo

    here's the link for the bg's (theme for CK):

    and here's the link for the popups:
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    don't worry about it and the .zip for the CK pictures I realized had only portrait lol so I edited the link and click that one now for all the pictures (34 in each folder, includes SD and retina pictures)

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    Ok so i compiled a colorkeyboard.plist of my own from the wording you gave me and some of my own research! It seems to work and i'll post the screenies soon. One discrepency is what I called my "web" keybaord, the same as the regular keyboard but with a . / .com bottom. I couldn't find this in the apple keyboard, or a control state in your list, so I'm currently looking for where the heck i got the image I made it from (unless i just made it up lol long hours in photoshop can do that). I'll let you know and upload the folders to media fire.

    I'll edit this post with the links when they are up


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    I was just finishing up my own plisting. Did you name the files numerically?

    I ended up using L-0, L-0-3, L-0-7, etc. to include the same description you had, only using Orientation, then
    [ControlState][Layout] values to simplify.

    Seemed like the web versions were extra as far as my experience, but very interested in new info if you figure it out!!

    Let me know if you like your naming, we'll use it if you do, and I'll finish up the NumberPad pressed keys...

    Forgot to mention I haven't been able to DL the Shift key halo successfully yet. Not sure why.

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    Yes everything works after a bit of debugging (had a few spaces where they shouldn't have been. I used names instead of numbers for all images, with L in front for any landscape images. For the <key> part i left it in number cause i didn't know how to change that. Right now I see only a few things wrong trying to figure out if they are really wrong or just me not pulling the right keyboard.

    Also did you have a chance to get that yellow changed to that light green for the numberpad?

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    ok i got it to pull and it works 100% just the yellow for the keypad when keys are pressed and i think we are done, I also made all the buttons on all the keyboards bigger (cept the letters) so hopefully you can easily see them all now, uploading now

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    ok finished uploading the final product thanks again!

    media fire link:

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    here's the maps overhaul, thanks for looking at it - i still think it's a cache that's stopping some of the icons from showing. (take a look at the folder before you stick it in and turn it on, so you know what should be themed

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