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Thread: Can Passcode be beaten on jailbroken VZ iPhone (4.2.6)?

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    Unhappy Can Passcode be beaten on jailbroken VZ iPhone (4.2.6)?
    I did some googling and found that with iOS 3.x this would have been easy - just delete keychain-2.db using something like diskaid. But it seems that with iOS 4 the passcode is no longer stored there.

    I have the computer that i've always synced with and I'm able to get root access with diskaid. Is there anything I can do?

    Also, in the alternative, does anyone have good advice on restoring a jail broken iphone. I suspect it will be a real pain - individually reinstalling all my jailbroken features and then syncing, and I also fear a lot will be different - like my springboard and maybe even application data.

    Here's the story on how I got locked out of the iPhone, if anyone's curious: I knew my iphone was in my apartment somewhere but i was too lazy to do any looking so I interrupted my 3 year old daughter's use of my ipad to use the find my iphone app on my ipad to make it make that sound. Then I heard it beeping in my bedroom, went back to the ipad app/toddler game my daughter was using, gave her back the ipad, and then located my iphone and went about my business. Shortly afterward, without anyone watching, my daughter went back into the find my iphone app and remotely locked it. It never had a passcode before but she created a new one - I'm very surprised she entered the same 4-digit combination twice - especially since I tried every xxxx combo (where x is the same number), as well as every 123x, 456x, 789x, and 147x combo and 2580 and 0852 (I had her try to push the same numbers again and while she didn't get it, her patterns made me think it would probably be one of those numbers). I'm like really really really annoyed over this and would really appreciate help getting my iphone back the way it was - whether through a perfect restore or some type of cloning or just hacking the passcode or even trying to guess it, more intelligently (seriously what could a three year old do twice in a row, without deliberately trying to do something complicated twice in a row?).
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    do u have open ssh installed?

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    I'm not sure. I think I had a jailbroken app called ifile that seemed to give me access to the full filesystem- sometimes i used it to change how much currency I had in games. I also know I can access the root folder in diskaid and it seems I can write to the root folder in disk aid. I think I might have installed something called open ssh; I'm not sure.

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    I just managed to finally guess the passcode, so I don't need this anymore for myself, but I'd imagine there are others out there with a similar problem.

    Man, having no iPhone for about 2.5 days really sucked. It was worth it to not have to restore though. I have like 2,000 apps, and many jailbroken customizations; it would have been a real pain.

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