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Thread: Battery idea if it hasn't been done

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    Default Battery idea if it hasn't been done
    Is there any possible way to have the iPhone stop charging once it reaches 100% in order to prevent over charging? I know there are things on cydia that 'alert' you when your phone is charged but when I'm sleeping that 'alert' really has no use to me. Is there any way to mod any type of file in order to tell the phone to stop charging even though it's still plugged in? Just an idea....

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    I doubt it seeing as how charging is a physical thing. No software would be able to stop the current running through the charger to the battery. I have a brookstone dock that I use as a charger that automatically shuts off when iPhone is finished charging, so maybe a different charger may be able to?

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    I see what you mean. But the brookstone charger you have essentially does what I'm looking for? What exactly is it called?price? Thanks

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    I must say, I got it quite a while ago. maybe a year and I don't see it on the brookstone website but I only did a quick scroll through. if you google brookstone idesign flat wafer then it'll be the first result. it was 150 when I bought it. a little pricey if you are going to use it for just a charger but its a great sound system also. quick charger and shuts off when full. Everything I needed.

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