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Thread: iPhone SMS adding entry

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    Default iPhone SMS adding entry
    I have an iPhone 4 running on a jailbroken 4.3.3, running Windows XP

    Is there a way to ADD a text tone ENTRY?

    I know how to add a text tone, rename, etc, and i know how to rename the entry title, but is there a way I could have say, 30 or 40 entries instead of the 20 some apple gives?

    I have been sifting through iFile and only thing i've come up with so far is adding another "texttone:example" = "example"; line into System/Library/Frameworks/AddressBookUI.framework/English.lproj/AB.strings

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Never mind, got it done.

    You must go in and add that line and then proceed down to ABTextTones-New.plist and add a string there. The inserted string will throw off some count (at least in iFile), so i simply went down and deleted some &ltnone&gt between a string command and job done. "None" is no longer a word in it's box, but i'm sure there's some fix to that
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