This is my first post using this forum and I am new to the community bare with me while I receive thoughts from you all to iron my understanding of Apple.

I recently stumbled upon a couple factory setting files through I-FunBox (Amazing program IMO). They give information such as what type of encryption to send and receive. In part of this it gives full encryption, so part one of this question is: If someone were to re-write these encryption to match that of a lesser system would it process?
Practical Terms~ Having a 3G Ipod with 4.1 and modding these files to match that of a lesser model to downgrade to 3.1.3 without an SHSH blob.(Not sure if that made sense ask for clarification if needed)

My second question has to do with Itunes modification.
After trying to restore with a custom 3.1.3, but no SHSH blobs saved or stored with Cydia (I came into this community to late) I was of coarse met with failure(1394? I think). So I started thinking why not stop iTunes from contacting the server, instead change some file somewhere that tells in to connect and verify with the server, just cut it out(almost). Now the problems here are I don't know much about iTunes programming or even how to change it. So (Again IDK how these programs work) what if once you cut out this code and cut the 4.1 out back to factory 3.1.3/2(?) and run the Ipod from there.

In this scenario I would be running Redsn0w after firmware Dgrade and would have nothing to do with iTunes/Apple after that and would only run my music, movies, shows, and apps on there.