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Thread: Changing the locale of specific apps

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    Default Changing the locale of specific apps

    I was looking for a jailbroken app or some other method that allows me to change the language (locale) for some specific application, overriding the system language. I tried looking on the net but couldn't find any significant info on the subject.

    I live in Japan and have to use Japanese and English on my daily life.

    If I set my iPhone to Japanese many originally English apps end up showing up in Japanese with terrible translation (probably made using some translation software). On the other hand, setting my iPhone to English messes up my contacts list which aren't sorted out properly (all names in Japanese characters fall on the "#" section after and most of my contacts are Japanese people).

    So, I'd just like to use my system in English but having a few apps (both App Store and stock) running on a different language.

    For a couple of stock and Cydia apps on /private/var/stash/Applications.XXXXX/ I found out I could change the language by renaming ".lproj" folders of the language I wanted to to "English.lproj". But couldn't find any ".lproj" folders where regular App store apps are stored (/private/var/mobile/Applications).

    I tried the same for the Contacts app but wasn't entirely successful. I changed the ".lproj" files in the following folders:
    And was able to get the whole app in Japanese (with the iOS language set as Enlgish) but my contacts would still not sort out correctly

    I'm not a programmer and don't know very well about the iOS file structure but any help on the issue would be very appreciated.




    By the way I'm on iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4 jailbroken with limera1n


    EDIT2 (2010/10/24):

    I don't think there is, but just in case someone is having the same "issue" I was finally able to get it working the way I wanted to. Changing the contents of the Enlgish.lproj folders from


    was enough. All I needed to do was do switch the phone to some other language and then switch back to English in (with the Enlgish.lproj folders actually having the contents of the Japanese.lproj folder in the above directories) and everything worked as expected.

    I really wish there was an easier way to do this but I guess there's not such a high demand for someone to make ann app for such kinda of customization

    Maybe I should learn a bit of iPhone programming and get an app done myself

    Hope this info turns out to be helpful for someone
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