i wanted to share a fairly simple way to get the ipod and video apps on the ipod touch, as this is how it appears on the ipad.
i tested this and modded it on an ipod touch 4g, but it should work on all ipod touches,and even iphones if the ipod app is split up first.
1) you need to SSH or use ifile to direct to /Applications/MobileMusicPlayer.app
2) open the info.plist with a plist editor or use ifile's editor and find the UIroles section near the bottom of the file, which looks like this

3) change the red marked value above from Music to iPod (make a backup before editing this file. once you changed this value, save it.
4)now to make the icons match up with the changes we just made, the following files need to be switched
- icon-Medialayer.png needs to replace icon-Audioplayer.png
(make backups of all the files your replacing, incase you want to revert it back)
icon-MediaPlayer@2x.png needs to replace icon-AudioPlayer@2x.png
icon-MediaPlayer.png needs to replace icon-AudioPlayer.png
Icon-Small-MediaPlayer@2x.png needs to replace Icon-Small-AudioPlayer@2x.png
Icon-Small-MediaPlayer.png needs to replace Icon-Small-AudioPlayer.png

i did zip the modified icon files just to make it easier. just copy the files from the extracted zip to the above directory, and when you get the message about the files already existing, allow these files to overwrite the existing ones.

modified files iPodReplacefiles.zip

then once you have the plist file modified and icons replaced, respring your device, then you should have the ipod icon and the videos icon aswell if you have any questions or problems the feel free to comment below, i hope you enjoy your ipod/iphone with a more of an ipad feel to it