Hello peoples. I've made a couple of posts with no real luck so here goes three as a charm. I have been trying to get both my bluetooth(BT) keyboard and BT mouse to work simultaneously on my I4 IOS 4.0.1 with the apps BTstack mouse and BTstack keyboard. I downloaded them (not cracked) and they work but only individually. My end goal is to be using my I4 as my computer so I don't have to lug my heavy *** Macbook. I've seen where people who have been successful also have the app of BTSTACK. I looked in Cydia and some repos but none have BTSTACK. I heard BTSTACK comes along inside BTstack mouse and BTstack keyboard and these two apps were designed to be used in conjunction. I've erased, re-installed both apps, respringed many different times at different intervals but still no dice. I need to know so I don't return the gear I bought at a really good price and save my back from Osteoporosis. Chime in you have any experience, comments, or suggestions. Thanks.