Well I was on youtube watching a video of a guy showing me how to make mms work for tmobile... and the thing is ever since yesterday cydia hasnt worked for me... I ended up restoring the phone and jailbreaking it again... i did the updates and it would open then close... i couldnt do anything in there... so finally i restored and jailbroke it a few times i updated the files one by one and found that its a base structure file update that is making it not work... not all the sources are showing up... the reason im saying this cause the video i was watching showed me how enable mms on my phone the cydia source was modmyi but the file he downloaded wasnt there so idk what to do... im not that smart when it comes to alot of this all i know is that last time i did what he said and it worked like a champ and now its not there... can anyone help