Hi there,

I'm VERY new to JBing and modding- but have done LOTS of reading up.

Just wanted to pick the brains of the experts on here.

I'm going to JB my 3GS (iOS4.1) tonight with either GP or LimeRa1n. The first thing I want to do is disable both multitasking AND the backgrounds.

I understand that I need to edit a PLIST file and just set the appropriate keys to FALSE.

My questions are:-

1) What is the easiest method to access the PLIST files. I have Disk Aid on my laptop. Can I just use that once I am JB'ed??? I don't really want to install anything via Cydia than I have to (not intotheming or anything else)

2) Do I need to ensure that all app are closed before I disable the multitasking- or will any open apps be stuck running in the background with no way of "getting to them".

3) Once disabled, will I have a choice of what a double-click does- ie like I did with 3.1.3?

4) I's assuming that editing the PLIST files is a much more PURE method of getting rid of the multitasking, rather than using ZToggle or a Cydi App to "disable" it???

5) To people who have disabled these- have you noticed much difference in battery life???? I CANT STAND the multitasking in iOS4- what a effing gimmick it is. This is my sole reason for JB'ing- so I can turn the effin thing off.

Many thanks for any help.