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Thread: Voice Control on 3G

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    Default Voice Control on 3G
    Hello world...
    first i'd like to say i'm italian and my english is not very good

    ok now i can write my problem

    i've got an iPhone 3G firmware 4.0, i try to install the voice control on it... but... if i try install the 3GS filesystem the iPhone transform into iPod and i can't use the voice control because it not start and not play dingding

    Thank you... and sorry for my english but i'm 13 i post the code of the N82AP.plist and N88AP.plist

    bplist00”BaYiconStatecapabilitiesWinclude“7YiconLi stsYbuttonBarĘ0—
    /— 1°2Ę35——
    6^— 8°9§:<>@—
    A_ŖCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRRRUVRRRRRRRRRR_auto-focus-cameraZencode-aac]accessibility_telephony-maximum-generation_hiccough-interval]voice-control_gas-gauge-battery_encrypted-data-partitionmagnetometerYnike-ipod_fcc-logos-via-software_#launch-applications-while-animating_load-thumbnails-while-scrollingvideo-cameraZopengles-2 #@
    _telephony-maximum-generationSmmsSgps_delay-sleep-for-headset-click#@ #@
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    Lol its not just editing some plist files.
    This requires binary editing + iPhone 3G doesnt support Voicecontrol due to lack of ram.

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    but... if i try to ability videos on 3G i have a videocamera whit a lots of straight on my screen

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